KAMP (Kids And Motivated People) Dovetail is a one week long summer camp for children with special needs.  KAMP Dovetail volunteers spend the entire calendar year soliciting donations just to operate this one week of camp.  We also have two programs available where you can directly support individual campers and "Send A Kid to KAMP".  You may contribute to our "Send a Kid to KAMP" program on-line by filling out this form and clicking one of the submit buttons below.  You may also leave this form blank and click on a submit button if you wish to make an anonymous contribution or support an anonymous child participating in the program. To support more than one camper please return to this page and re-submit this form for each camper you wish to support.  Any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to make an on-line monetary donation in an increment not offered by this program you may click here.  Thanks in advance for your support.  It means a great deal to our kids.


Sponsor a Camper


There are several children that come to our camp that can not afford the registration fee required in order to attend KAMP.  The registration fee is $40.00 for each camper.  Your gift of sponsorship ($40) allows us to offer campers full scholarships so that they can attend KAMP at no cost to themselves or their families. 


"Adopt" a Camper


The actual hard cost of food, services, materials, and supplies for our week long camp is approximately $240 per camper.  This does not include any labor costs since everyone involved volunteers their time.  Our low $40 registration fee is the result of our year long fundraising efforts.  These fundraising efforts allow us to subsidize attending KAMP.  We avoid passing the actual cost on to the campers or their families.  Your gift of "adoption" ($240) allows us to accept an additional camper from our waiting list that normally would not have been able to attend KAMP. 

If you would like the camper you support to know your name enter it here 
If you would like to support a specific camper enter their name here 


If you do not wish to support a camper using our on-line system please send your check or money order to:


c/o Linda Allen

5350 West New Market

Hillsboro, Ohio  45133

Be sure to include the name of the person you would like to credit for the contribution and/or the name of the child you wish to support.


For more information contact Linda Allen at (937) 393-1904 ext. 131




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