This course is designed for staff members only.  This is a location for staff to communicate and team build.  If you believe you should have access to this course, please contact the

There are so many awesome volunteers, and we need a way to get in touch with all of you to let you know what's going on and coming up!  This is the place for volunteers to share tips, ask questions, and simply stay in the loop!  

This page contains links to KAMP Dovetail related web content created by or for our campers and volunteers.


Do you wanna join in?  Do you have pictures, stories, or whatever that you would like to share with KAMP?  If so, here is a great idea:

1.  Create a website all about you and your time at KAMP.  Click here for a free website builder. (You can use whatever website builder you want, the link is just one of many.) Create an account and make a website of your very own!  Please Remember:  Whatever you are posting on the internet should be something that you would personally share with your parents and grandparents!

2.  Once your are happy with your new website, submit your public web address by clicking here.  We will update our KAMP Community as soon as we can to include your site!

It's as easy as that!