The Gift of Volunteering

S.A.T.H. and Kamp Dovetail both function through the generous financial support of the community citizens and businesses.  We encourage each of you to contribute.  Interestingly enough, financial support alone won't keep our organization and community services operational.  We also need time.  Your time.  If you can't contribute financially then at least consider contributing your time.  There are several fund-raising campaigns and events as well as Kamp Dovetail itself that can only be successful through your gift of volunteering.  You can contribute time by acting as:

Satellite Training Coordinators Coordinate training sessions at satellite locations.  This includes selecting a location, reserving the location, obtaining a trainer, advertising the session, and delivering the meeting minutes to Mike or Linda
Trainers Training volunteers.  This includes studying the training material, disseminating the material to volunteers in a "public forum" format, and ensuring the volunteers understand the material.
Fundraising Campaign Coordinators Coordinate a series of multiple related fund raising events or a fund raising campaign like candy and/or candle sales, etc.  This includes selecting the location, reserving the location, obtaining labor, advertising the events, and collecting proceeds.
Fundraising Event Coordinators Coordinate a single fund raising event.  This includes selecting the location, reserving the location, obtaining labor, advertising the event, and collecting proceeds.
General Laborers Move equipment and supplies to and from events and working during an event.
Skilled Laborers Assist in construction of and improvements to facilities, Assist in maintenance of equipment, Assist in development of public relations content (web site, flyers, etc.).
Office Laborers Assist in faxing, copying, mailing, and organizing flyers, press releases, volunteer records, and camper records.
Kamp Dovetail Volunteer Work one-on-one with a special needs child during the week of camp.

If you have any interest in volunteering as a Kamp Dovetail volunteer we encourage you to attend our volunteer training meetings.  If you have any interest in volunteering to fill another role please contact Linda Allen, S.A.T.H. Executive Director at 937-366-6657.  Additional information about our organization, events, and volunteering can be found by using the links at the left.

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