Our camp can only continue with the continued support of the community.  Over the years many organizations and individuals have contributed to the success of our camp.  There are many different ways that you can contribute to our camp.  We appreciate any assistance we receive.

Promotional Materials

KAMP Dovetail Promotional Flyer


Our camp is completely run by volunteers.  We are always looking for more caring people.  No special training is required.  We actually provide a basic level a training to you.  Just click here for more information on volunteering.


Most of the supplies that we use during the week of camp are donated.  We accept donations of supplies as well as cash to purchase supplies.  Click here to see instructions for making donations or to make a cash donation on-line.

Send a Kid to KAMP.

Send a Kid to KAMP. is our scholarship program for families that are unable to pay the registration fees for their children.  Click here to see how you can contribute to the Send a Kid to K.A.M.P. campain.

S.A.T.H. Memberships

A S.A.T.H. membership is a recurring annual pledge to S.A.T.H.  Click here to see the various membership levels or to schedule your recurring membership pledge on-line.

Solicit Donations

The camp staff solicits donations from local merchants and vendors as well as individuals that we come in to contact with on a regular basis.  Our camp is offered to children in Highland and all of its surrounding counties.  However, we typically have no contact with organizations in these surrounding counties.  If you live in one of these surrounding counties or even some other location, we encourage you to solicit donations from merchants or vendors in your area.  Click here to view a letter that you can print out and use to solicit donations.

Events and Fund-Raisers

Our staff and volunteers participate in a number of events and fund-raisers in order to support our organization.  More detailed information regarding our fund-raisers can be found in the Press Releases section of this site.  The schedule of events including fundraisers can be found in the Events section of this site.

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